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You're Using HIIPA Wrong! - Audacy:

Dr. Nurse practitioner James Simmons guest host while Ryan celebrates his birthday! And we get into the HIIPA question! Can people ask you if you've been vaccinated? We'll tell you! What is a work martyrdom, and how did Simone Biles inspired the world not to fall in the trap! Plus, Is serial monogamy really that bad? We go there!

Special Guests: Sean Melton, Former elite gymnast. Deven McGraw, co-founder and chief regulatory officer of the medical records platform Ciitizen. And former head of the HIPAA office at HHS from 2015-2017. Ruben Gonzales, Executive Director of LGBTQ Victory Institute. Melody Wilding - executive coach and author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work. Alexis Germany - TikTok dating coach and relationship expert.

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