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Let's Work!

Alexis is a professionally trained dating coach who LOVES the idea of love.

Meet Alexis Germany Fox, a certified dating coach who not only helps others find love but is her own success story. Using her proven methods, Alexis found the love of her life and is now happily married with two sets of twins. She masterfully balances motherhood and her mission to guide others on their journey to finding meaningful relationships.

Alexis specializes in individualized date coaching, offering tailored advice that goes beyond online dating apps to encompass all aspects of modern romance.


Whether you're single and searching for love or in a committed relationship aiming to deepen your connection, Alexis is here to support you.

With extensive experience as an in-house dating expert for multiple dating sites, Alexis has honed her skills in navigating the modern dating landscape. Her expertise and personalized coaching provide you with the tools and strategies needed to build authentic connections with potential partners.

Alexis's insights and advice have garnered her a dedicated following of over 100k on social media and features in prestigious publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, ATTN, Bustle, Good Morning Britain, and The LA Times.

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What Her Clients Say:

Sam H. - Las Vegas, NV.

 "Alexis was able to help me identify the areas where I needed improvement and gave me the guidance I needed to take my dating life to the next level!" 


"My goal is to empower you to build the life you want to live

right now." - Alexis Germany Fox

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