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TikTok Is Making Promise Rings Cool Again - BUSTLE

Why Are Promise Rings Making A Comeback?

Although promise rings may seem like an unlikely 2021 trend, TikTok dating coach and relationship expert Alexis Germany says that the rings' growing popularity can be attributed to social media.

"Promise rings are a response to how public relationships are right now, even if the couples aren't famous," Germany tells Bustle. "A lot of it is aesthetics, what other people think, and what other people see."

The pressure to display your relationship on social media, whether that means posting photos on Instagram or videos on TikTok, has reinvented relationship milestones by adding pressure for visual manifestations of love, like promise rings.

"People want the aesthetic of being a happy couple, and having a promise ring makes it more engaging to their audience," Germany says. "And it causes a strange sense of envy in the people that don't have one." ...

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