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How to Find Out If Someone Is A Catfish: 7 Signs To Check - BEEN VERIFIED

As more people build love and relationships online, the number of people being catfished has risen, too. The Federal Trade Commission says more than 21,000 people reported losses of $143 million in 2018 to online dating scams alone.

There are several catfish warning signs, experts say:

Sign #3: They can’t meet in person

If they’re constantly coming up with reasons why you can only interact via text or phone, that’s a sign. “Anybody who avoids meeting in person is definitely scamming in some way,” said Alexis Germany, relationship strategist with fashion site Glamcheck Inc.

Sign #4: Their English and grammar are off

If this person isn’t claiming that English is their second language, but their spelling is atrocious or their sentences seem like they were run through an online translator, beware. Try to talk to them on the phone. “If they won’t talk to you, and they have no real reason for why their grammar and spelling are so off, that’s a strong indicator that they’re in another country,” Germany said.

Sign #5: They travel internationally constantly

Anyone who says they are an international businessperson of sorts could be an imposter. “It sounds amazing, but all of a sudden they’re in a different country or city every week, so that’s why they can never meet,” said Germany. “That’s a situation where you really need to tread lightly and investigate further.”

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