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18 Flirty “Good Morning” Texts To Send To Your Crush - BUSTLE

When your crush is among the first things you think about when you wake up in the morning, it’s a pretty good indicator that you’re super excited about them. Whether you’ve just had your first date or your 50th, sometimes it’s OK to let those butterflies lead and enjoy the ride. During your morning routine, it might be fun to brainstorm some flirty “good morning” texts to send to your crush.

Sending flirty texts is a great way to stay connected to your significant other when you’re not physically together, professional dating coach Alexis Germany tells Bustle. Receiving a sweet “good morning” text from someone you’re dating or crushing on is always a nice feeling because it shows that you were top of mind as they’re getting their day started. “Good morning texts let someone know you thought of them early in your day and most people appreciate that, especially when dating,” Germany says. “Sending something a bit flirty can get the day started in a fun way.”

When you’re in the beginning stages of dating, it can be difficult to know what to text your crush in the early hours of the day. We all know the cheesy go-to options can sometimes fall flat, so certified matchmaker Daphney Poyser advises that “the best good morning text is one that is sincere and asks real things about the person of interest in an authentic and genuine way.”

For examples of where to start, here are 18 ideas of flirty good morning texts to send.

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