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15 Texts To Get A Dry Texter To Open Up - BUSTLE

When you’re getting to know someone new — especially a potential partner — half the fun comes from those initial text conversations. Seeing their name pop up on your phone, whether you’re texting about your favorite restaurants or that annoying work meeting you just had, can be really exciting. But what happens when your prospective boo doesn’t seem to have much to say? What if they can’t seem to muster more than a “Cool” or “Not much”? That, friends, is what we call a “dry texter.”

Dry texters aren’t necessarily always “dry” communicators, but their lack of enthusiasm or energy in a text conversation might be tough to work around. According to dating coach and professional matchmaker Anika Rashaun, someone may be a dry texter because they are better with in-person communication, “or they may be the type of person who doesn't want their words misinterpreted via text.”

Other dry texters may not want to put forth the effort into a conversation until they know it’ll be worth it, says dating and confidence coach Alexis Germany. Discerning that would be more possible through in-person interactions, where they might be more inclined to chat.

Regardless of how lively they are in person, trying to communicate with a dry texter who rarely gives more than a one or two-word response via text can be frustrating. If you feel like you’re playing 20 questions with a brick wall, here are 15 great text ideas to get even the toughest person to open up. “Would you rather get a free coffee from Starbucks every day or free season tickets for your favorite sports team?”

“Would you rather” questions aren’t just for the kids. Germany recommends this format as a fun way to connect and make each other laugh. You can get as deep or as silly as you want with this; tailoring the options to make it relevant to them might even create some inside jokes.

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