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14 TikTok Dating Coaches Who Are Here To Save Your Love Life - BUSTLE

Listening to a dating coach online doesn't mean you're into playing games. In fact, these dating coaches to follow on TikTok are all about authenticity, empowerment, and direct communication between partners. Whether you're looking for a 60-second pre-date pep talk or want to learn more about how anxiety impacts relationships, these 14 content creators are here to help you be your best self (and date the best people).

For a crash course in perfecting your profile, look no further than dating and life coach Alexis Germany. Though you can hire her for individual dating coaching, her TikTok is full of free tips and pretty in-depth profile reviews (especially for a 60-second video). Focused on confidence, self-love, and empowerment, Germany will have you speaking your truth and meeting your emotional matches....

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